Monday, March 07, 2005


Hello friends. Pics are suddenly slow in coming and the cold wont stay away. Shouldnt have been running around in the snow with a tripod at night.
Working the late shift now, so driving home around 11 last week I caught sight of a bright object high in the air. It looked to be glowing, different from when a plane flies at night, and it seemed to be zipping back and fourth above the horizon. I'm driving down the highway, and I am thinking that it has to be a plane, I'm in the flight path for the airport. But I'm also thinking, at the same time, that this is it. You know what I mean. It's happening right now, right in front of you. I argue back and forth with myself. You'll feel silly if its just a plane. But look at the way it glows, like a second moon. Planes dont look like that, I know what planes at night look like. And if you ignore it, it will go away and never come back. It is there for you. UFO stories always involve a deep and personal connection between the witness and the mystery, a sense of having been selected. And to refuse the mystery is almost damning.
So for one second I believe. One thrillling second, and I'm reaching into my camera bag and changing to the long lense to get it. And the moment I do that the light changes, banks left, and I can see that it is a plane, that what I was seeing was it's headlights pointing directly at me through a misty cloudcover and magnifying. A plane on its approach to landing. It was a trick of the light, a trick of the light. I put the camera down and resume my drive, my face flushed and my heart beating, feeling foolish and wild.